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Fluzcoin partners with All Blue Capital

We are thrilled to announce that All Blue Capital is set to join Fluzcoin as an advisor. This partnership is expected to leverage their expertise in software development, security infrastructure and uncover new opportunities in the investment landscape.

About All Blue Capital

All Blue Capital (“AB Capital”) is an international investment firm headquartered in London that has global scale, local expertise and an entrepreneurial approach. They manage multiple alternative asset classes, including private equity, real estate and blockchain, and through it’s strategic partners, hedge funds.AB Capital’s portfolio includes UBER, Lyft, Airbnb and other known companies. They are also one of the leading Blockchain investment firms and one of the largest institutional owners of cryptocurrencies.

About the partnership

Matt Novak, Partner at AB Capital, will join our team as an advisor and be a key figure in Fluzcoin, advising on strategy, technical development and building partnerships with other major investors. Matt is an alumnus of Harvard Business School and the founder of AB Blockchain.

AB Blockchain (“AB”) is the Blockchain focused division of All Blue Capital. AB is a global, full-service, Blockchain technology company. Their expertise in software, developing and investing in Blockchain applications can help amplify the technical side of Fluzcoin.AB’s deep blockchain community network, institutional pedigree and industry insight will serve as a catalyst in socializing Fluzcoin amongst public and private institutions and large funds.

“We are very pleased with this newest partnership as AB Capital has a broad, global experience in the Investment landscape. In this short time our partnership has already lead to some potentially major opportunities.”  - Stefan Krautwald, Commercial Director of Fluzcoin

Have any questions about the partnership?

Ask them directly to the team in our Telegram Discussion Group

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