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AB Mining Takes Delivery of First Avalon A8 Miner Globally from Canaan

AB Mining Limited (The "Company" or "AB Mining") is pleased to announce it has been selected as the first recipient of the Avalon A8 Miner globally from Canaan Creative CO., LTD ("Canaan"). AB Mining was chosen for this honour among all of Canaan's world wide customer base as recognition for its innovation in the blockchain space. 

The A8 is Canaan's newest model showcasing their cutting-edge technology for bitcoin mining. This is the first of multiple deliveries AB Mining is contracted to receive this year.AB Mining Director Matt Novak attended Canaan's Annual General Meeting in Hangzhou and was presented with the first ever Avalon A8 Miner released to the public. Matt Novak said "It is great to be working with Canaan as they are known for their ASIC design and manufacturing expertise. Taking delivery of the first A8 miner globally is a big step towards fulfilling our expansion plans and working with Canaan as one of our key hardware providers".

About AB Mining Corp Founded in 2017, AB Mining operates cryptocurrency mining facilities around the world capable of mining Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. AB Mining's recent expansion into the United States and Canada diversifies the Company's existing operations. AB Mining's business encompasses the procurement of blockchain technology with a focus on the mining and verification of crypto currency transactions. Management plans to focus its business in the United States and Canada, which will be at the front of its expansion plans, with Europe following closely.  

About Canaan Founded in 2013, Canaan is the worldwide leader in producing Blockchain servers and designing ASIC microprocessor solutions. Canaan products are sold globally. From the very first SHA-256 based upon FPGA technology to the Avalon Blockchain ASIC, Canaan continues to innovate by producing custom designed ASIC microprocessors. The new Avalon 821 is cutting edge technology with 11 TH (terahash) and 1200 Watts for a power efficiency of 109Watts per TH. This is Avalons latest product, being its highest Hash rate yet. This product competes with Bitmain S9, EBIT and others.

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