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Our Focus

We work proactively with entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and limited partners to solve their liquidity and capital needs. We make investments into companies and venture funds.



The Private Equity team invests primarily in late-stage companies who have demonstrated commercial viability and have a strong market presence creating high barriers to entry with real defensive moats. We have extensive experience in technology, food and beverage, hospitality and luxury goods. 

We believe management teams and entrepreneurs are the most crucial component to success and therefore we look to partner closely with those that have a track record of success. We have a deep rolodex of management teams that help create immediate efficiency and streamline businesses. Whilst we often take majority positions, we have taken minority stakes, and in both cases, we offer access to our partners and network resources. Our starting point is to assess how we bring value to any transaction. 

In addition to traditional buyouts, the team actively search for opportunities to provide growth capital and minority investments. Here we can focus our time and effort on understanding our companies’ long-term growth plans and help management achieve their goals.


Under Akula Investmentment Management, which is authorised and regulated by the BVIFSC, All Blue runs 3 core strategies:


  1. Macro: All Blue Capital’s NorthStar1 is a Global Macro top-down, thematic, equity long / short strategy. The Fund targets significant returns through bridging the gap between macro-economic analysis and sector / company-specific analysis. The strategy develops both long and short-duration investment themes and utilises deep bottom-up, fundamental analysis, together with active trading to maximise returns and minimise volatility.


  3. Social: All Blue Capital’s SocialQ has a proprietary algorithm screening chat boards, sentiment, flows and variety of other factors to deliver buy and sell signals. 


  5. Credit: All Blue Capital's Absolute Credit invests in high yield and structured debt instruments across developed and emerging markets.


The Special Situations team is a dynamic, alpha-driven team that makes debt and equity investments in companies which offer downside protection but with the potential to deliver considerable upside.

The team specializes in investing in

  • distressed, complex, or underappreciated assets

  • cyclical, contrarian, or event-driven situations

  • broader market dislocations to identify attractive investment opportunities. 

The team can rapidly assess if there is value in a deal and work efficiently to implement the optimal solution.


The Real Estate team invests in commercial real estate, residential and development projects in the USA, Canada, Europe and Asia. 

The Real Estate team invests across assets from single properties to large portfolios. This includes offices, retail, multifamily, hospitality, industrial, senior living, healthcare, and land.

The team focuses on strategies covering the risk spectrum, deploying capital in core-plus, value-add or more opportunistic situations.

Private Equity
Capital Markets
Special Situations
Real Estate

"We have had continued success across the marketplace and shared economy platforms and believe these themes will continue to drive outsized returns."

Matt Novak - Partner AB Capital 




We take pride in our role as a positive economic catalyst for the companies in our portfolio. We work to identify, invest in and enhance the value of great businesses. 


Sector-based, theme-driven deal sourcing is the primary responsibility and mandate for our investment professionals. We aim to source high-quality and proprietary investment opportunities by proactively developing and leveraging strong relationships with companies and key deal intermediaries. At regular pipeline meetings with sector teams, we review potential opportunities and determine what resources - both internal and external - are best suited to pursue those opportunities. 


In determining value for new investments, we focus on a business's current outlook and judge the predictability of that outlook over time while also factoring in what we can do for the business to drive even better outcomes after out acquisition. 



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